Foshan Haizhongjin Import&Export Co.,Ltd. is your best choice for prime-quality stainless steel. Founded in 2005 by stainless steel professionals,headquarters in Foshan, Guangdong province,Foshan Haizhongjin Import&Export Co.,Ltd. has factory and branch company were set in Wuxi. our goal is to turn out as a big stainless steel company with the capacity to export bulk stainless steel products across the globe. Our attention to details ensures that orders arrive on time and in good condition. No matter what stainless products you need, we're the one you can count on. Being that stainless steel is all we do, we must be sure we do it correct.


Delivering Quality Products
Through our founding concept of friendly, knowledgeable, and prompt customer service, we have grown from a modest shared warehouse to a modern steel distribution facility strategically located in Foshan's diversified Southside community, accessible to major highways and arterial streets. Our warehouse is equipped with modern handling and storage equipment, ensuring efficient preparation, packaging and shipping of your order.


Exactly What You Need
As shown in our "Products" section, we offer a broad range of grades, sizes and finishes. If you do not see what you are looking for, please call and we will make every effort to supply it. Complete custom leveling, blanking, and shearing as well as special grades, and finishes are available.

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