201 Stainless Steel Coil

  • Austenitic:

a chromium nickel alloy that contains higher amounts of manganese and nitrogen and lower amounts of nickel than type 304.  This combination of elements reduces cost, increases mechanical strength and makes the alloy work harden at a faster rate than type 304.  This material performs slightly below type 304 in terms of corrosion and oxidation resistance.

  • Used in a variety of applications:

Some of the typical uses of grade 201 include appliances, automotive parts, clamps, consumer and industrial products, cookware, doors, food service equipment, hose clamps, kitchen utensils, railroad cars, sinks, strapping and window trim.

  • Able to be processed in many ways:

 Metal processors and fabricators stamp, form, bend, cut and weld alloy 201 to produce various parts.  Cold working will increase strength and hardness, which may therefore cause it to springback more than type 304 as it is less ductile and formable than type 304.

  • Available in many variants:

Different levels of carbon, manganese, nitrogen and nickel define the different variants of this alloy.  Each variant may offer benefits or drawbacks depending on the specific application.

The Chemical Composition and Mechanical Properties of the basic form of Type 201 

Type 201
ASTM A240/A240M (UNS Designation)S20100
Chemical Composition
Carbon (max.)0.150%
Silicon (max.)1.000%
Sulfur (max.)0.030%
Phosphorus (max.)0.060%
Nitrogen (max.)0.250%
Mechanical Properties (annealed)
Tensile (min. psi)75,000
Yield (min. psi)38,000
Elongation (in 2″, min %)40
Hardness (max Rb)95

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Product Name201 Stainless steel coil
Grade201  J1  J3  J4
Finish2B, BA, Hair Line, No.4, 6K, 8K etc.
Width150mm~1250mm or customized
ApplicationConstruction, Decoration, Industrial, Kitchenware, Utensil  etc.
PackingStandard sea worthy packing
Delivery time15 to 20 days after the receipt of 20% deposit
PaymentL/C, T/T
201High Cu1.21.43614.580.1080.3699.4780.3940.0064
201 Half Cu1.1180.89713.4190.0930.36610.3760.03490.0084

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