316&316L Stainless Steel Seamless Pipe


316L is  a low carbon modification to 316 grade.The "L" means that the carbon  content of the alloy is below 0.03% which makes the 316L stainless steel  preferable for welding. Uses for 316L stainless steel sheet 2B finish include  high end cookware, cutlery, marine applications and hydrogen fuel cells.

316/316L  stainless steel alloys are used in applications that require resistance to salt  water, acid and other highly corrosive materials.

Dues to  that 316L material is similar as 316 material,and is better than 316 material  for welding,the price difference for these two kinds of stainless steel is  smaller and smaller,most customer will prefer to take 316L stainless steel  material to 316 stainless steel material,thus,in the market,the stock material  are most 316L stainless steel.

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Type 316L is widely used in the paper-making, chemical industry, fuel, seawater  equipment, oxalic acid equipment,fertilizer, photo processing equipment, food  processing equipment, marine construction, etc.

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316L Stainless Steel Seamless Pipe

The maximum carbon content of 316L  stainless steel seamless pipe is 0.03%, which can be used in applications where  annealing cannot be carried out after welding and maximum corrosion resistance  is required.Due to the addition of Mo, the corrosion resistance, especially  pitting corrosion resistance, is excellent; high temperature strength is also  good; excellent work hardening (weak magnetic after processing); solid solution  state is non-magnetic.

316L seamless pipe has a wide range of  applications. It is generally used to manufacture chemical, fertilizer and  chemical fibre industrial equipment, such as containers, pipes and structural  parts.

Dues to its excellent chloride resistance,  316L seamless pipe is usually used in the marine environment. The corrosion  resistance of 316L stainless steel pipe is better than that of 304 stainless  steel pipe. It has good corrosion resistance in pulp and paper making process.

316L  seamless pipe also resists the erosion of ocean and corrosive industrial  atmosphere. it has good oxidation resistance in intermittent use below 1600℃ and continuous use below 700℃.


Available size

Outer diameter:3-577MM;
Wall Thickness:0.4-14MM
Length:6-12meter or as required.

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details
Export standard package: bundled wooden box or be required
Delivery Detail
Shipped in 7 days after payment

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