Color Coated PPGI Corrugated Steel Sheets has many advantages, such as light, variety in colors, well corrosion resistance performance and good processing flexibility. Frankly, it provides a new type of raw material for many industries. It contains construction industry, exterior wall for container & movable housed, interior decoration, roofing & ceiling, furniture industry and electric industry and so on. Substitution steel for wood, high efficiency, energy-saving, cost-saving and less pollution are the fine effects of color coated steel sheet.

The application areas of color coated steel sheet 

1. Corrugated steel sheet

It is widely used as the roof boarding and the shingle of the villa, resort and tourism scenic area. And some times, it makes outdoor decoration of the makeshift house.

2. Sandwich board

 It is widely used in building public buildings, roof covering and wall of the factories, clean workshop and sectional cold room, building layers and shop kiosk.

3. Arcform plate

 It is used as the capping of transfor passages and the arc-capping of many small market, platform, park and large span steel structures buildings.

4. C and Z structural steel

5. Steel structure’ supporting facility

It contains window frame, doorframe, roller shutter door and window-shades.

6. Electric appliances

It includes freezer, washing machine, microwave oven, vending machine, air-conditioner, copying machine, electric fan and solar heat water.

7. Transport machine

It refers to the interior decoration of car and train, the back, the work station of coaming, instrument plate, shell, clapboard.

8. Others

It means the counter, shelf, sign, chest, desk, filing cabinet and bookcase, fences & barrier. 


Quick Detail

Raw material

SGCC, SPCC, DC01,DC02, SGCH, DX51D and so on









T Bending (top-coating)

T Bending (back-coating)



Anti-MEK Wiping


Zinc coating


Type of coating structure

2/1 or 2/2 coating, or customized


GB/T12754-2006, GB/T9761-1988, GB/T9754-1988, GB/T6739-1996, HG/T3830-2006, HG/T3830-2006, GB/T1732-93, GB/T9286-1998, GB/T1771-1991, GB/T14522-93


Ral color, various colour, as per your request.


Building industry ,structural use, roofing, commercial use ,household appliance,industry facilities,office        buildings

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